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Itinerario 6 Eng

Spello – Spoleto – Montefalco – Bevagna

Durata Itinerario : circa 8-10 ore circa

Located at the foot of Mount Subasio, Spello stretches from the mountains to the plains. Its fertile soil is ideal for the cultivation of grain, grapes and olive trees. It is from the olive trees that Spello gets its most valuable delicacy, extra virgin olive oil. Therefore it is no coincidence that the city, in addition to being counted among the most beautiful towns in Italy, is part of the National Association of Oil Cities. (fonte wikipedia)

Spoleto is a very ancient town dating back to prehistoric times. There are indications that it has been inhabited since at least the seventh century BC, as attested by ancient tombs dating from the Iron Age. Because of Spoleto’s strategic geographical position, the Umbrians built massive polygonal walls around this settlement in the 5th century BC. Known as Cyclopean walls, they are made of huge blocks of limestone in a polygonal shape, some of which are still visible today.)

Montefalco is situated in a panoramic position, overlooking the plain and the Topino and Clitunno rivers. This favorable position is called the “balcony of Umbria”. The town is renowned for its good wine but also for the church of San Francesco. Built in the fourteenth century, the church contains an important cycle of frescoes by Benozzo Gozzoli depicting episodes from the life of the saint. There is also an important Nativity scene painted by Perugino. (fonte wikipedia)

The city was originally an Etruscan settlement. Around 80-90 BC it became a Roman municipality called Mevania. Starting in the fourth century AD it was the seat of the bishop until the town was destroyed by the Longobardi in the 10th century. Of particular interest is the Palazzo dei Consoli dating back to 1270, Piazza Silvestri, an important medieval square, and the churches of San Silvestro and San Michele. (fonte wikipedia)

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