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Itinerario 3 Eng

Fonte Colombo – La Foresta – Greccio – Poggio Bustone

Durata Itinerario : circa 8-10 ore circa

Fonte Colombo
In ancient times this sanctuary was little more than some rustic huts made of stone and wood. Now, convents are arranged like a crown in the hills above the Sacred Valley of Rieti, and are all related to particular events in the mystical life of St. Francis of Assisi. Nestled in a beautiful forest of oak trees, the Sanctuary of Fonte Colombo sits on a ridge of Monte Rainiero, about 549 meters above sea level. Initially a Benedictine abbey, the name that it is now known by was given by Francis himself, who upon climbing the mountain saw in the forest a crystalline spring from which white doves were drinking. (fonte wikipedia)

La Foresta
St. Francis spent two months at the Sanctuary of La Foresta, where only the church of San Fabiano existed at the time. He stayed there waiting to have an operation on his eyes at the nearby monastery of Fonte Colombo, also in Rieti.

The first Station of the Cross now depicts a scene from the life of St Francis where you can clearly see that his friends are carrying him to Fonte Colombo to have the surgery.

The Shrine of Greccio is one of four built by St. Francis and sits at an altitude of 665 m above sea level, built into the rocks rising near the medieval village of Greccio with a magnificent view of the Rieti valley. The stories about how St. Francis chose this place are many, but the most striking is of Francis tossing an ember to a child who, flying like an arrow, landed on the mound where the present chapel is built. It is also near here that Francis reenacted the birth of the Christ child in a cave, the forerunner of living crèches. (fonte wikipedia)

Poggio Bustone
The roots of this medieval village go back to ancient times but documentation of its existence dates back to the twelfth century. St Francis came here in 1208 and reputedly greeted the villagers by saying “buon giorno buona gente” (good morning good people). A gothic arch named “Buon Giorno” commemorates this event and served as the ancient entrance to the village. The pentagonal-shaped tower of the Cassero is what remains of a castle which is now in ruins. (fonte wikipedia)

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